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    Kryesore what is that thing were you jump over those bars wit the horse what is it called?

    what is that thing were you jump over those bars wit the horse what is it called?

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    um, it's called jumping. that's the general term that encompasses all the forms of jumping with a horse over bars.In horse racing there's steeplechasing where jockeys ride the horses in a pack over a series of jumps which tend to be made to look like sticks (like natural things like you would encounter if you were running through the countryside) but the jumps are designed to collapse easily if a horse bumps it. There's no faults for jumping style or knocking down the jumps... it's all whoever comes in first. But it's pretty hard to jump poorly and win in steeplechasing.At horse shows, you might find different jumping at eventing shows and at hunter jumper shows.At eventing shows, they have cross country and show jumping.Cross country is where the horse and rider maneuver themselves through a course of obstacles (usually not simple jumps with bars... often they have to jump walls and jump into and out of water and things like that... there's a particularly memorable part of the Rolex show where riders jump a very large rubber duck (it's wooden or plastic or something, but looks like a rubber duck)). The cross country course is usually on grass and contains lots of turns and hills and things... as if you were riding across the country!Show jumping is in the arena and has jumps with bars. Typically with show jumping there's a set time for the course. The rider has to maneuver around the obstacles and over the jumps in that amount of time. If they exceed the time, they get faults and they also get faults for knocking the bars down or for refusals. Whoever finishes with the fastest time including their faults wins.At hunter jumper shows, there's both jumpers (just like the show jumping I just described) as well as hunter jumping. There could be hunter under saddle jumping or equitation jumping. In under saddle, the horse is judged with its movement and things like that. In equitation, the rider is judged with how they ride the horse and how they look while riding. In both, there's jumping faults for knocking down poles or for refusals. There's no set time for hunter jumping... you're supposed to take your time and make it look as good as possible. The number of strides you get in between 2 jumps is very important. And it's important to get your horse the right distance away from the jump... if you're too far away or too close to the jump, the horse is going to jump it awkwardly.

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